"Get Most of Your Questions Answered" Video

Patsy Quinn
3 months agoJune 15, 2017
GM Jerry!  I just watched this video.  Boy, is this good.  While I was listening, I wrote down 14 people, 13 being men, and 1 lady, the R.E Agent who we did a 3-way with who kept wanting to come in at $2000.  You remember her? I talked to her recently, and she was firm about starting at the $2000. She just wants to get her feet wet, first, to make sure this company works the way it was presented in the webinar. I believe that she should come in at $2000, then see what will happen to her. She's very competitive and she wouldn't be there long. I'm pretty sure she would not like passing her commissions up to me for very long.  Great for me, though.  I'll take it.  I think a few of these guys need to see this, and would appreciate knowing in detail how 8FDL works.  Jerry, you are so incredibly educated and calm on this Video.  The delivery was impressive.  I loved it.
3 months agoJune 18, 2017
Looking forward to it .
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